About Team Baby

Team Baby is one of the first chatbot prototypes that was created with our easy-to-use editor and framework.  Team Baby is made for mothers, fathers and everyone that is around a newborn. Team Baby features three unique characters that team up to help young parents to get through the first 12 months.

Try Team Baby yourself.

Engaging story-telling

Guided, input and variable-based storylines

Individualized story-paths

Based on baby birthday, user emotion and user input

Rich content

Various entertaining content formats (fun facts, gifs, exercises)

Highly flexible workflows

Browser based editing, update via Github, independent styling

Embeddable code

As standalone html-widget or on Facebook Messenger

Advanced Facebook features

Various predefined communication triggers which are easy to setup

Challenge 1:
Build an easy-to-use chatbot editor

We reinvented the way content is structured, edited and enhanced. For Team Baby we built a scalable Chatbot editor that makes it easy to change, edit and add new dialogue passages. No more endless excel sheets. No more wasted time when handing over content to the developers.

The workflow enables a truly interdisciplinary work environment where code, content and concept are neatly interconnected. Thanks to our advanced tracking approach editors can respond to the actual usage of the bot in a snap.

Challenge 2:
A chatbot that keeps track of user needs

Team Baby goes way beyond conventional chatbots that only can respond to predefined user intents. Based on the answers users are giving, the bot preselects the most relevant content and presents in a conversational manner – at the right time. Since the whole conversation is modeled as a steady stream the chatbot initializes communications itself on relevant time spots and at specific stages of the development of a newborn.

A truly engaging chatbot that acts like a real person: It listens and remembers. And it knows when to say what, based on your mood, the development stage of your child and your individual preferences.

Challenge 3:
One chatbot – three characters

“Hi, I’m Lisa!”

As a mother myself I’m in charge of all the practical stuff that young fathers and mothers are interested in. Your baby won’t stop crying? You’re having trouble breastfeeding? You want to know how to calm down? I’m here for you!

“They call me uncle Simon.”

I’m not a doctor, but I’ve a lot of knowledge how interact with a newborn. Ask me anything. I’m good with the internet and bookmarked a lot of interesting pages which might help you with your issues.

“My name Foxy, the fox”

Little humans are a funny. As a fox I might not be the right person to ask about parenting. What am I really good at? I love shopping. And I’ll find the perfect product for your every need within seconds. Try me!

All three characters have special powers. They speak with different tonality, sometimes they even debate with each other, but most of all they make the whole conversation experience far more natural than conventional chatbots.

As a chatbot storyteller you can choose from more than 20+ different emotions per character to make the path even more entertaining.

Team Baby: Try the beta

The chatbot can be used on a regular website or on Facebook. Click the blue circle at the bottom of this page to start a conversation with a Team Baby Beta Version.

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