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Chatbottery is the proof of how a tool known as “Chatbot” has changed from a limited and technologically separated single-purpose-application to a powerful highly interconnected communication interface, that gives rise to a whole new era of use cases.

Chatbots as an Enterprise Assistant

Chatbots for Customer Relation Management

Chatbots for Digital Campaining

A new definition of chatbot

Basic Chatbot

  • developed from distributers perspective
  • trained to answer most common questions
  • behaves like a machine

Human Service Bot

  • developed from users perspective
  • provides a converastional experience
  • shows empathy

A new way of interaction

Unichannel Chatbot

  • sits on html-website
  • covers single point in customer journey
  • can only react to input

Omnipresent Bot

  • lives on multiple platforms
  • covers full scope of customer journey
  • can initiate conversations

A new way of integration

Solitary chatbot

  • is a separate tool
  • static content within a stand-alone-interface
  • no connection to data sources

Fully Connected Bot

  • can be linked to and integrated with lots of other marketing activities
  • can be integrated in various CMS
  • uses multiple data sources

Chatbottery is the state-of-the-art solution for innovative conversational interfaces and enhances the opportunities for your business in multiple use cases. Learn more about those use cases in the next section.