Hello, Conrad.

The virtual assistant for Conrad is live. The application features text and voice input and can be used with any Google Assistant ready device or app.

Integration with Google Assistant

Can be used with any Google-Assistant-ready device or app

Interaction via text and speech

Connected API analyzes and understands the user’s intent

Built on existing content

e.g. FAQs were translated in a conversational manner

Modular knowledge base

Standardized way of adding new intents to the chatbot

Connection to user accounts

Allows useful features i.e. order tracking or wishlist

Connection to Conrad Shop

Displays individualized product recommendations

Challenge 1:
Build a chatbot that works with Google Assistant

To bring the Conrad experience to Google Assistant we created a Conrad chatbot using Dialogflow, Googles very own tool for building conversational chatbots. The setup makes it possible to process the input provided by users and extract meaning/context. The chatbot is voice activated.

Challenge 2:
Connect the chatbot to the shop system

Not only should the Conrad Chatbot provide answers to frequently asked questions, but it should also identify useful shopping recommendations and present them to the user. We connected various APIs from the Conrad eCommerce platform to make that possible.

Challenge 3:
Provide useful features for existing customer base

One of the main requirements of the project was the creation of an interconnection between the Google Assistant and the Conrad customer account. We realized a secure and simple solution which makes it easy for the user to access their customer data without ever leaving the Google Assistant.

Clients feedback

Anna Maas
Conrad, Product Owner Chatbots

“Developing and releasing the Conrad chatbot with the team was really a pleasure. With their clever development approach The Devs really know how to speed up the process and build a chatbot our users really enjoy to use.”

About the client

Conrad Electronic has been in the technology and electronics business since its foundation in 1923. With over 4,000,000 products available through the company’s online shops conrad.de and 20 German retail stores (or: 30 retail stores in Europe), the Bavarian family-owned business is one of the leading omnichannel distributors. Company group Conrad also operates internationally locally based subsidiaries in 16 countries across Europe.

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Conrad’s digital platforms and services are a central hub for the technology and electronics market. Conrad, as one of the leading European B2B distributors, offers its business-to-business customers an ever-growing B2B assortment, individual service through key account managers, inside sales and in-branch business advisors as well as project business solutions through company subsidiary SOS electronic. In addition, customers can benefit from product, ordering and delivery services: 24-hour standard delivery, eCatalogues, eProcurement solutions, calibration, comprehensive PCB, 3D printing and other product services.
The product portfolio comprises products from leading manufacturers and strong own brands like Tru Components, Voltcraft, Toolcraft, Makerfactory, C Control, Renkforce, Speaka Professional, Sygonix, Eurochron, Polarlite, Reely oder Emmerich. It also includes Conrad Connect, a leading platform for the Internet of Things (IoT), which enables cross-supplier connectivity and management of intelligent devices, apps and services for private and business use.

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