Your HR & Recruiting assistant



● present benefits of your company for applicants
● improve application process by asking detailed question for selection of best applicants
● provide onboarding information and contacs for new employees
● provide relevant information for employees
● integrate a virtual tour

Working with Chatbottery

● will dive deep into your processes to create the best content
● highest expectations for data security
● quick adjustment of text, images or videos by easy editor
● fast installation and availablity
● focus on customer satisfaction


Engaging story-telling

Guided, input and variable-based storylines

Individualized story-paths

Based on user emotion and user input

Rich content

Various entertaining content formats (fun facts, gifs, exercises)

Highly flexible workflows

Browser based editing, update via Github, independent styling

Embeddable code

As standalone html-widget or on Facebook Messenger

Advanced Facebook features

Various predefined communication triggers which are easy to setup

What we can offer

Your HR-Assistant “Out-of-the-Box”

● Chatbot-Software incl. License for 6 month
● dialog templates regarding Corona (individual editable)
● first installation incl. quality control
● 15 days consulting inclusive
● support und hosting incl. updates for 6 month
● optional: further consulting, integration and realization

“Out-of-the-box” price: from 23.000 € without tax incl. hosting.

optional advanced functions

● Integrate recruiting-software by API
● Upload of application documents
● Multilanguage
● dynamic status query
● submit of forms


Most of the companys got the problem to get smart and trusted employees. The big challenge is to do the transformation to a digital world and to be the same famous and requested company than before. The whole digitalisation of job advertisements and applications isn’t a nice to have, it is the state of the art.

The deciscion for or against an application to your company is based by a lot of points. By the huge collection of jobs it is necessary to convince for first impression. The application “out of the sofa” is a wish by the most of the applicants. It is very important to be present 24/7 online and provide the most important information for the job and about your company. These unique advantage offers a chance for applicants to send the application whenever they want.

At this point our HR-assistant starts and support. The HR-assistant responses  to each question of the applicants and is available 24/7!

Let’s talk!

Nico Scheurich
Tel. +49 176 / 4072 3637

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