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What happens when the fastest and most innovative CMS in the world meets chatbottery? Well, we tried it out.

Introducing the first Chatbottery plugin for Adobe Franklin. A dialogue-driven search solution, powered by AI. Incredibly fast. And incredibly effective.

What is Adobe Franklin?

Adobe is working with Project Franklin on a new, highly radical approach to future website development and content creation. Adobe Franklin is incredibly lean, efficient, and built upon familiar and everyday-used tools. Websites and landing pages can be effortlessly created in no time and without extensive IT knowledge. All you need are existing tools like Microsoft Word or Google Docs. To learn more, visit the official Franklin Webseite.

What does the Chatbottery Plugin do?

The official Chatbottery plugin for Adobe Franklin is a powerful addon that adds an interactive search component to the CMS. As a lightweight “Conversational Search Interface,” Chatbottery can be seamlessly integrated into the Franklin instance without the need for costly cloud server infrastructure.

Where comes AI into play?

The search index is always created or updated at the time of content publication. Using a fully automated prompt chain, the artificial intelligence (GPT-4 interface) scans the webpage’s HTML code, capturing all relevant information (tags, search phrases, author, image, summary), writing them into an index file, and making them available for chat-based search.

Where can I see the plugin in action?

Our very own blog was built using Adobe Franklin, including the Chatbottery search plugin. Visit our blog and click on the search icon at the top right corner of the screen.

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