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Chatbots as Enterprise Assistants

Find out how a Chatbottery Chatbot can be used as an intelligent recruiting tool helping HR finding the right personell and how a conversational interface empowers the enterprises ambition in the field of employer branding in general.

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Use Case: Chatbot for Human Resources

Chatbottery Chatbots offer an elegant way for the first contact of potential personal to your company. Based on the out-of-the-box chatbot you can apply specific characteristic to your Company Headhunter Chatbot.

Create a unique and credible character that represents your company best and feed it with the content that your company provides. Thanks to our predefined story paths it is easy to add new passages and create new storylines.

  • Create individual character
  • Choose from predefined storylines
  • Connect bot to your CMS
  • Track conversions
  • Empowers employer branding
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Use Case: Your digital representative for everyday work-life

Set up the Chatbottery Chatbot on your companys intranet and let it be the go-to-guy to answer your staffs most common questions. The bot can be the everyday-companion to your valuable staff and replace the old Wiki.

Thanks to the interconnected approach the chatbot content can be easily synched with various internal databases. This way your companies chatbot is always up-to-date and can decrease those dispensable calls to your IT department.

  • Individual API-configuration
  • Configurable reminders
  • Dynamic knowledge base
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Use Case: Chatbot for business events

Chatbottery Chatbots can be used as an interactive guide through your special or recurring business events. Let the chatbot be the on-screen concierge that helps your visitors to get the most of your event even beforehand.

We can feed the chatbots all relevant information – be it the accommodation, venue directions, background to the speakers, the timetable or other most common question. With a Chatbottery Chatbot your visitors connect to your event at an early stage, you’ll provide a perfect experience during the day and you can even track the feedback after the venue.

Ask for our event-centered Chatbot modules to get an individual offer that really suites your need.

  • Personal invitation
  • Provide all necessary accommodation
  • Let your users subscribe to event-notifications
  • Create a multi-channel experience
  • Get valuable live-feedback
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Use Cases

Chatbots as an Enterprise Assistant

Use Cases

Chatbots for

Use Cases

Chatbots for Digital Campaining