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Chatbots for CRM

More than robotic answers to frequently asked questions: Check out how a Chatbottery chatbot can really be a helpful tool for your customers and how proactive algorithms can be targeting your users more effectively than any newsletter would do.

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Use Case: Newsletter 2.0

Did you know that according to Harvard Business Review only 20% of all subscribed newsletters are actually opened? Even it became a famous marketing tool within the last 10 years: It’s effectiveness is everything but satisfactory.

With a Chatbottery Chatbot you can establish a conversation to your customer within – directly within its preferred social media.

  • High responsive quote
  • Targeted messaging
  • Proactive but non-obtrusive
  • 0% scattering-loss
  • Conversation stays visible
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Use Case: Quizzes / Competions

With Chatbottery Chatbots you can easily set up fun-quizzes promoting product categories or special offers.

You can choose from various quiz formats and guide the user through the game.

  • Highly engaging
  • Use various animated gifs
  • Link to your shopping page
  • Track conversion rates easily
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Use Case: Market Research

The most value thing for your business is feedback. It helps you identify week spots in your product portfolio, evaluate new business ideas and is an essential tool for quality assurance. The classical way to gather this feedback are online surveys. The problem: Those surveys are usually not very entertaining and you really need to offer pricy gratifications to convince your customers to take part.

Chatbottery Chatbots offer a neat and fun way to collect feedback from your customers. Thanks to predefined research modules you can embed research dialogues into your customer dialogue – in a non-annoying and playful way. No matter if you just want to a/b-check product variations, explore current color-trends or are interested in qualitative feedback. Within the Chatbottery framework all kinds of trend research aspects can be addressed. Check out our latest chatbot modules that suit your business needs best.

  • A/B-Test product or service variations
  • Get Instant feedback
  • Set up non-annoying surveys
  • Get high responsive rates
  • Track qualitative feedback
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