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Chatbots for digital campaigning

Learn how a clever arranged Chatbottery Chatbot solution can unleash the full social potential of your digital campaign and how you establish long-lasting relations to your users.

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Use Case: Educational advertising

You might have seen those online tools where you can enter your personal consumer behavior and get confronted with a risk rating at the end.

Chatbottery Chatbot can turn this evaluation into a guided conversation providing the possible results with a lot of more empathy. Depending on the users input, the message can be presented in the right kind of manner.

  • Multiple variables
  • Individual story paths
  • Realistic conversations
  • Higher impact
  • Easy to share
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Use Case: Client acquisition

Sales pitches are most powerful when presented face-to-face. No static PowerPoint-presentation that is sent to a potential client can take care of the clients specific situation and individual questions.

With Chatbottery Chatbots you are able to wrap all your sales experience in different conversation flows. This makes it possible to scale your sales approaches massively and establish potential client relations on an early level.

  • Target group dependent story paths
  • React to recurrent doubts
  • Increase conversion rates
  • Show projects in a conversational context
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Use Case: Presale concierge

Chatbottery Chatbots can have a massive impact on the conversion of potential customers. When linked between you social media campaign (i.e. Instagram seasonal campaign) and your very own shop our Chatbot Framework can reduce uncertainties massively.

By placing a product-focussed chatbot between the two instances you can keep the attraction high and the potential customer focused. Our Chatbot shopping module is able to learn and answer the most common questions regarding your product portfolio. The shopping assistant pushes your potential customer to the shopping decision and helps him find the perfect assortment.

  • Answer presale questions at the right moment
  • Prevent shopping potential
  • Integration in social media campaign
  • Link directly to your shopping system (hand-over)
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Chatbots as an Enterprise Assistant

Use Cases

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Use Cases

Chatbots for Digital Campaining